About us

Claudia Gründer

As a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy, with many years of clinic experience, I have become specialised in the treatment of people who are facing challenging situations in their lives. I offer professional support for people who are affected by stress-related disorders or work-related problems.

The patient’s very specific personal situation is always our main concern. The main focuses of the treatment are always defined together with the patient, and tailor-made approaches and coping strategies are presented as part of an individual therapy plan.

I would also be glad to support you in your personal development and guide you along the road to a new perspective on life, a healthy work-life balance and a significantly better quality of life.

Please contact me for an individual consultation. I look forward to hearing from you!

Opening Hours

Mon to Fri8.30am - 12 noon
Mon and Wed1pm - 5.30pm
Tue and Thu1pm - 3.00pm